US Constitution Coach Kit:
Ronald W. Reagan Leadership Edition

US Constitution Coach Kit: Ronald W. Reagan Leadership Edition image

NOTHING LIKE IT! – This amazing collection of over 60,000 complete works and documents spans virtually every era of American history from the discovery and exploration era of Columbus, Coronado and Magellan to the present day, making this the largest collection of US History and Political Science works and documents ever assembled into one comprehensive database.

No other library includes so much valuable information on a CD-rom for computer-aided study!

History: The development of this product began nearly 20 years ago when it was first released on 6 floppy disks under the heading ‘Firsthand History of America’. After nearly 2 decades the library has grown so large that it requires 2 fully-loaded CD-roms, with thousands upon thousands of key works and documents at your fingertips in the easy-to-use, most comprehensive, fully searchable US Constitution Coach Kit.

This incredible 2 CD-Rom Library Includes: Everything in the US Constitution Coach Kit: Essential Edition Plus a Whole Lot More!

System Requirements:
- Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7
- CD-rom Drive
- 3.7mb Hard Disk Space

Handheld content compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows Mobile, PocketPC, PalmOS, SymbianOS, Blackberry, Amazon Kindle.

Folio Search Engine. Many books also in .prc eBook Format

U.S. Constitution Coach Kit - Ronald Reagan Leadership Edition

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