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What's the Movie About?

The Secret of Oz

It is commonly known in economics academia that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz written by L. Frank Baum in 1900 is loaded with powerful symbols of monetary reform which were the core of the Populist movement and the 1896 and 1900 presidental bids of Populist Democrat William Jennings Bryan.

The yellow brick road (gold standard), the Scarecrow (farmers), the Tin Man (industrial workers), the Wicked Witch of the West (Cleveland banker J.D. Rockefeller) and the Wicked Witch of the East (NY banker J.P.Morgan), the Emerald City of Oz (greenback money), the illusory power of the Wizard in the capitol city (who monopolized power through deceit), even Dorothy's silver slippers (changed to ruby slippers for the color movie version -symbols of Baum's and Bryan's belief that adding silver coin to gold coin would provide much needed money to a depression-strapped, 1890s America). Oz is a virtual forest of monetary reform symbolism, done by someone extremely well versed in the Populist monetary reform goals of the period (Baum was a newspaperman and author) – goals which have never changed - they are still valid today, they are needed now more than then.

Oz author L. Frank Baum's symbols represent the solution to relieve the growing economic hardship here in America and the rest of the world. 2009 marks the 70th anniversary of the 1939 MGM release of the The Wizard of Oz movie which has impressed audiences for all those years, imprinting Baum's cryptic monetary reform symbols on the minds of millions. Money Masters authors Pat Carmack and Bill Still came to the conclusion in late 2008 that now is the time to explain their meaning to the public in a video – the symbols are well known, their meaning is not, yet they hold the key to solving our economic crisis. The familiarity of the Oz symbols to the public makes their explanation a potentially powerful weapon against our modern witches and wizards. So Money Masters Director Bill Still hit the road once again, interviewed experts familiar with the Oz symbolism, and the result is the fascinating new video Secret of Oz.

Who's In It?

Thirteen years ago, in our documentary "The Money Masters" (co-authored by Patrick Carmack and Bill Still), we asked the question why are Americans going broke and the American middle class rapidly disappearing. To answer that question we went back and traced the history of modern banking which began over 300 years ago (with the founding of the privately-owned Bank of England). That history is, of course, still valid. With that historical perspective we were able to predict much of what has happened since we made that video. Many have called it prophetic - it was simply historically informed. Now the question is how can we get out of this economic mess. Foreclosures are everywhere and those still in their homes can barely afford the mortgages, unemployment is at dangerous levels – and this is only the beginning. More and more Americans are being forced into deeper and deeper debt and poverty.


The Secret of Oz DVD

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