The Tale of Two Constitutions DVD

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America's Wall of Protection is a DVD created by Dr. Glenn J. Kimber, President of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration. Dr. Kimber's powerful presentations graphically explain vital principles in the U.S. Constitution that are being threatened, and why the Constitution must be restored to the Founding Father's original intent.

Dr. Kimber's wealth of knowledge and understanding of the Constitution were developed over a period of 30+ years as he worked side by side with Dr. W. Cleon Skousen.

On these DVDs you will hear Dr. Glenn Kimber's present the ideas in a seminar setting, along with animated illustrations which powerfully convey his unique insights.

The Tale of Two Constitutions - This DVD takes a powerful look at the Constitution – as it was when the Founders created it, to what it has become as a result of amendments, and what must be done to restore it to the Founders' original intent.

The Tale of Two Constitutions DVD

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