Banner of Liberty

Fly the Flag

Fly the "Banner of Liberty" flag underneath the "Old Glory" flag, and you'll be lighting a torch to re-kindle a renewed commitment to the founding principles of our great Republic!

It's time to arm ourselves with knowledge and rise up with power to take our beloved America back from those that call evil good and good evil, and those seeking to destroy the Foundation of Liberty, calling themselves "progressives," by creating:

A nation of debtors - Socialism and the welfare state - Heavy taxation - Destruction of free enterprise - Lose of free speech and other freedoms - Loss of gun rights - Loss state sovereignty - Loss of national sovereignty - Loss of checks and balances - Destruction of the natural family - Abortion - Abolishing Christian/Judeo principles

When "We the People" restore the Constitution in the tradition of our Founding Fathers, all these problems will be resolved, and our nation will prosper once again!

The Banner of Liberty flag was designed to be a reminder for every American to learn or relearn those lofty Constitutional principles. The Banner of Liberty flag is a symbol of genuine hope for America's future.

Will you, help us with this Educational Liberty Movement? Raise the Banner of Liberty and Old Glory across our cherished land!


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