“Agenda: Grinding America Down” Documentary DVD

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Malcolm Middlebrook, the Chairman of the Committee for the Restoration of America wrote the following:

This isn't simply a political, social, or even economic war – this is a fight to preserve the free world as we know it. Only one thing is certain … unless patriots like you and I stand up for freedom now, all will be lost. To win, it is imperative that we arm ourselves with the tools to fight. This essential DVD lays the groundwork for the battle ahead ...

There is a war raging – in fact, we are deep in the fight and all is not going well. You can see the casualties all around us: a society that embraces big government, rampant entitlements, booming bureaucracy, promiscuity, homosexuality, and red-tape environmentalism, just to name a few. What's more, the foot soldiers in this battle are racing to hand their children over to the state for cradle-to-grave care and indoctrination.

This is your call to arms.

I have discovered what I believe could be one of the most important and valuable tools for winning the cultural, economic, and political war raging in this country and around the world. This film, Agenda: Grinding America Down, by Curtis Bowers, could be one of the most important films you, your family, and your friends will ever view.

I've been tracking, researching, and documenting the disintegration of our American Judeo-Christian and free-market based society for more than 30 years, yet this documentary film astounded me. I believe you will be stunned as well.

This film, in convenient DVD format, is a masterwork presentation of the Far Left's decades-old strategy to demolish America's freedom and democracy by destroying our culture and creating chaos in our government and economy. Socialism – and ultimately Communism – is the final goal. One need only take a close look at what Barack Obama has been able to achieve in the last two short years to understand just how far down this road we've already traveled.

What makes this film so important is not simply the facts presented, as my research has extensively covered much of this territory and subject matter. What amazed me was the clear, concise, and thought-provoking manner in which the facts of the decades-long path of the disintegration and destruction of our entire way of life were strung together in a succinct and alarming trail of pernicious Liberal Left strategy.

Like the proverbial frog in boiling water, the decay of the moral and economic fiber of this country has been a slow, yet deadly drift toward total dissolution. Yet none of the steps leading us down this highway of destruction have been random or accidental. In fact, every step sending us further slip-sliding into social, economic, and political chaos has been planned, orchestrated, and executed by a master plot put in place decades ago by forces intent on our destruction.

So far, their strategy is proceeding as planned. And we as Americans are slowly but surely participating in our own destruction by standing by and doing nothing. Sure, the water is getting hot, but too few of us are doing too little about it.

The call to action is now.

The story Bowers weaves is a shocking and mesmerizing true tale of how the destruction of America was planned and strategized decades ago by none other than those who were so successful in implementing their malicious worldview in Russia and Eastern Europe: Lenin, Stalin, and their latter-day disciples.

Watch this powerful 6 minute documentary trailer.

But most alarming is how Bowers draws a bright, straight line directly from the fathers of Communism and Totalitarianism, through a maze of "progressive" organizations and leaders with palatable names and labels, and right to the door of our current President of the United States, Barack Obama. You'll be amazed at just how short and straight that line actually is.

Bowers, through extensive research and interviews with over a dozen American leaders in top government, political, and social organizations, lays out the groundwork of the Socialist Left's strategy for bringing America to its knees. You'll see and understand how the framework of what is currently going on in the American culture and political realm was actually laid out as a socialist – and ultimately Communist – strategy more than one hundred years ago.

In this documentary, you'll see how the Environmental Movement, the Gay-Rights Movement, the Feminist Movement, Education "Reform," "Abortion "Rights," and a plethora of other American cultural "isms" and "issues" are actually documented strategies laid-out over fifty years ago as part of the Communist agenda for America.

Our society isn't "progressing," as the Left would have you believe; it is actually disintegrating right before our eyes, and according to plan. Once the obliteration is complete, Americans will be eager to cling to whatever Big Government and Totalitarian regime is at hand to offer order and control. Plan accomplished.

What is important to know is that while the hour is late, it is not too late. While we still cling to some freedoms, we can exercise our ability to influence the forces at work around us. But we must move quickly.

Step One: I urge you to secure at least one copy of this pivotal DVD for your own personal use. If possible, I urge you to order more, to pass along to family and like-minded friends who can join our fight to preserve our freedoms, our rights, and our future.

I hope you will view this crucial tool, and then pass it along to friends, neighbors, and other people of influence with whom you are in contact. Most importantly, I urge you to show it to your children and grandchildren. Our wisdom and heritage is the most important asset we can impart to future generations. This valuable DVD is an excellent way of passing along your knowledge and worldview, and helping preserve and protect our freedoms.

“Agenda: Grinding America Down”
Documentary DVD

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